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Benefits of Membership

Membership of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria helps members to gain a competitive advantage in the dynamic and competitive banking industry, the benefit of demonstrating commitment to professionalism and updating of their knowledge and skills.

Beyond these intrinsic benefits, the Institute offers a wide range of services to support its members both professionally and personally.

A. Benefits
Benefits are customized to meet members’ needs and vary according to the category of membership.
    1. Ordinary/Student Members
      • Knowledge and Information Resource:
        Access to a variety of valuable information that assist in preparation for the Institute’s examinations through regular receipt of banking journals, Newsletters, and other publications and access to the online library.
      • Subsidized Revision Classes on problematic subjects:
        Access to revision classes on the Practice of Banking, International Finance etc. which are problematic subjects for the students.
      • Mentoring Programme:
        Exposure to Mentoring Programmes to guide their character development and Leadership. The Mentoring Programme also allows the students to tap directly from the knowledge and skills of experienced bankers.
      • Prizes and Awards:
        Provision of platform for competition against their peers in the various subjects of the Institutes’ examinations to win prizes and awards.
      • Networking:
        Provision of platform for meeting future employers and other senior members of the banking profession.
    2. Additional Benefits for Linkage Students
      • Internship with banks
        Provision of attachment or internship with banks.
      • Annual Career Talk
        Annual Career Talk for students offering Banking and Finance Schools.
      • Generous Exemption
        Granted up to 13 courses as exemption from 17 courses of the Banking Professional examinations.
      • Non-Payment of Exemption Fees
        Do not pay exemption fees as against students from accredited and non-accredited institutions.

  1. Associates/Honorary Senior Members/Fellows
    • Employment Advice and Career Guidance
      Provision of tips on interviewing techniques, career counseling, employment strategies, resume preparations, Job vacancies etc.
    • Knowledge and Information Resource:
      Gain exclusive access to the latest and best research to expand their expertise and stay current.
    • Networking:
      Provision of ample opportunities to deepen existing business relationship and make new contacts.
    • Sabbatical Programme
      Provision of opportunity for sabbatical programmes in the Tertiary Institutions and the Institute.
    • Continuing Education:
      Provision of opportunity to update knowledge or acquire new skills.
    • Leadership skills:
      Provision of opportunities to build leadership skills by serving on Faculties, Committees, Subcommittees, Executive committees of branches and Chapters and other organs of the Institute.
    • Affinity and Discounts:
      Access to some of the best deals available on wide range of business and personal products and services. (see details in Appendix I)
    • Entrepreneurship Development Programme:
      Free attendance of Entrepreneurship Development Programme to enhance entrepreneurial skills.
    • Grants:
      Exclusive access to Grants to encourage research, continuing education and professional development.
    • Group Life Insurance:
      24hours worldwide coverage of death and total permanent disability.

  2. Additional Benefits for Fellows
    • National Honors, APBN awards and other Awards.
      Nomination for National Honours, APBN Awards and other Awards.
    • Respect and Recognition.
      Given respect and recognition at Institute’s events and programmes and by peers in the banking industry. Also given recognition by the academic society.
    • College of Fellows Forum
      Membership of exclusive Forum for fellows.
    • Mentoring Programme
      Exposure to Mentoring Programmes to guide their character development and Leadership. The Mentoring Programme also allows the members to tap directly from the knowledge and skills of experienced bankers.
    • Exclusive use of Fellows badges and ties.
      Use badges and ties which differentiates them from other professional members.

  3. Corporate Members
    • Discounted Room Hire:
      Corporate members are able to hire Training/Seminar facilities at the National Secretariat at a discounted rate.
    • Interest Representation and Advocacy:
      Promotion of banking industry’s interest and views with concerned stakeholders through policy advocacy on the matters acknowledging the banking industry and the economy.
    • Platform for Meeting and Networking:
      Provision of meeting for corporate members and social interaction for its top echelon.
    • Intelligence and Monitoring:
      Provision of access to information and intelligence on the latest policy, regulatory, and developments likely to impact on the activities of the banking industry, development of research papers, thematic publications, report etc for the use of the industry.
    • Free highly subsidized Trainings:
      Organization of free and cost effective training sessions to address key operational issues in the banking industry.
    • Financial Sector Mission:
      Organization of financial sector missions to other countries for prospective business opportunities and excellent opportunities to build extensive network.
    • Shaping the public perception of the Banking Industry:
      Spearhead the efforts to manage and enhance the reputation of the banking industry contribution to holstering the confidence of the public in the industry

  1. Associates/Honorary Senior Members/ Fellows who are advanced in Age
    1. Membership Subscription
      • From 60years up to 69years:- 50% discount
      • From 70years and above:- Free
    2. Attendance of programmes
      • From 60years up to 69years:- 50% discount
      • From 70years and above:- Free
  2. Waiver/Reduction on Annual Subscriptions
    1. Waiver for Unemployed Professional Members
      Professional members should be granted waivers on the payments of Annual Subscriptions when they are not in employment.

      A minimum of six months absence from work.
      He must have been financially up to date member for at least 3 years.
      The member will have to formally apply with evidence.

      The waiver will be for a maximum period of three years.

    2. Reduction on Annual Subscription
      Retired members should be granted 50% reduction in the payment of Annual Subscription. They can also attend the Annual Dinner, and other Institutes events at 50% discount.

      The retired member must be 55 years and above, retired and has no source of income.
      They must have been financially up to date member for not less than 15 years.
      The member will have to apply formally with evidence.

      The reduction will be for as long as the member does not receive income.