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Satellite Branches

Information on the creation of Satellite Branches

The Governing Council at its meeting of March 11, 2010 approved the creation of satellite branches out of the existing Lagos branch in line with the overall objective of locating the Institute’s branches closer to its members.

These branches are:


The Governing Council’s decision was premised on the following:-
  • 24 out of 25 money deposit banks have their head offices in Lagos
  • All Discount Houses and over 80% of other financial institutions have their head offices in Lagos
  • Lagos has the largest number of bank branches in Nigeria
  • Over 80% of bank employees are based in Lagos
  • Over 100 Microfinance Banks are in Lagos
  • Other Professional bodies especially the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria has many districts within Lagos
  • It will be a veritable opportunity to awaken dormant members
Objectives & Activities
The satellite branches were to be established with the following objectives and activities:
  • To effectively cater for all members in Lagos and bring the Institute closer to the members
  • To attract more members to the Institute and awaken the dormant members
  • To organize and conduct lectures, provide teaching aids or evening or weekend classes to prepare members for the Institute’s examinations
  • To organize regular activities at least once in three (3) months to encourage discussion of all aspects of banker-customer relationship within the community and on topical banking/economic issue
  • To embark on public enlightenment of the Institute’s programmes i.e. visiting higher institutions of learning sponsoring radio and television programmes
The satellite branches, like the branches of the Institute, shall be expected to elect every two years, at the Annual General Meeting, an Executive Committee that would run its affairs. The composition of the Executive Committee of the satellite branches would comprise the following:
  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Assistant General Secretary
  • Treasurer/Financial Secretary
  • Publicity/Social Secretary
  • Ex-officio (3)
However, the chairmen of the satellite branches will serve as Ex-officio members of the Executive Committee of the subsisting Lagos Branch.

The National Secretariat shall bear, subject to approval, reasonable formation expenses of the satellite branches of a maximum sum of =N=50,000.00

Also, the satellite branches, like other branches, shall receive annual subscription from the Institute as determined from time to time by the Governing Council.

The satellite branches shall be expected to hold bi-monthly executive committee meetings and an annual general meeting.

Annual Returns
The satellite branches shall render returns of their activities twice i.e. March 31 and July 31 to the National Secretariat.

Strategies for Creating Awareness for the establishment of Satellite Branches
  • A Sub-committee of MABCDC has been set up to lead, co-ordinate and monitor the activities of the proposed establishment of the Satellite Branches.
  • Professional and other members of the Institute in the catchment areas of the Satellite branches are being located and enlisted.
  • Branches of banks and tertiary Institutions in the catchment areas of the proposed Satellite Branches would be visited by members of Sub-committee with a view to interacting with members in each location on the need for the satellite branch.
  • There would be monthly regular meeting of members in the headquarters of the proposed satellite branches until inauguration.
  • Qualified members would be appointed as Interim Leaders of the proposed satellite branches to co-ordinate the activities till inauguration.
  • Links are being created on the Institute’s website on the proposed Satellite Branches to provide comprehensive information to members.
  • The platforms of the Institute’s activities and publications are being utilized to inform members.
All members, including Fellows, Honorary Senior Members, Associates and Students of the Institute in the locations covered by the satellite branches are expected to indicate interest via email or and 01-4610656 or 01-4617924.