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Examiners Questionnaires


Dear Stakeholder,

The Centre for Financial Studies (CFS) of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria is conducting a study on Promoting Professional Banking Education in Nigeria: The Case of CIBN. As a key stakeholder in the educational development of the Institute, your views will immensely count in the study. You are therefore requested to complete the following questionnaire to assist us in the study. Considering the obvious demand on your time, the questionnaire is made short in order not to take too much of your time. Kindly go through and respond to the simple questions contained therein.

We continue to appreciate your support.
1. Name:  
2. Mobile:  
3. The Examination subject you handle:  
4. Number of years of involvement in ACIB Examinations:  
5. How do you assess candidates’ general performance in the examinations over the years (Please tick):4. How do you assess candidates’ general performance in the examinations over the years (Please tick):   Above Average  Average
6. What do you consider to be the greatest challenge facing candidates taking the exams?   Poor preparation for the examination
Inadequate tuition
Poor academic background
Carelessness on the part of candidates
The questions are beyond the scope of candidates.
Others (please specify) 
7. How do you assess candidates’ performance in the papers you handle?   High pass rate
Average performance
High failure rate
Other comments (Please state clearly) 
8. Please avail us of your impression of the questions set for the paper you handle   Slightly above standard
Below standard
Other impressions (Please state) 
9. If you consider the general performance rate as poor, what do you think could be done to improve performance without lowering standard?   Encourage establishment of more tuition centres
Redesign the examination and qualification so that candidates can opt for and focus on their core competence areas (specialization in areas of interest)
Provide more options in the examination by increasing the number of questions
Establish a banking school for candidates intending to take the ACIB examination
Others (Please specify) 
10. The Institute can boast of about 5000 ACIB holders in its 50 years of existence, do you consider this a good enough record?   Yes  No
11. Do you have something to do with the examination of any other professional body other than the CIBN?   Yes  No
12. If your answer to No 11 is yes, which professional body is that::  
13. How would you compare candidates’ general performance in ACIB examinations with that of the other professional body you are involved in:   The performances are generally the same
ACIB candidates perform better
The other professional body’s candidates perform better
Any other (please specify) 
14. How would you also compare the rate of increase in the number of candidates taking the ACIB examinations with those of the other professional examinations you are involved in:   The rate of increase is the same in the two exams
The rate is higher in the other professional body
The rate is higher in the ACIB examinations
Any other observations (please state) 
16. Please avail us of your views on what could be done to increase the number of candidates qualifying each year in ACIB examinations: