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Our Objectives

The objectives of the Institute include:
  • To be Africaís foremost and most influential professional body in the provision of capacity building in banking and finance industry.
  • To broaden value-add and relevance and therefore membership base.
  • To deliver through technologies, distinctive and excellent banking and finance professional certification; accreditation; and continuous professional development required for competence building.
  • To support and assist membersí lifelong education and development needs throughout their entire career.
  • To continue to provide leadership on research and intellectual discourse on emerging trends in banking and finance sectors and regulations in Africa.
  • To continually promote the institutional frameworks for supporting and maintaining the relevance of ethics and professionalism in the banking and finance industry in particular and supporting the Government in creating a corruption free society while placing special emphasis on internationally acceptable standards of best practice.
  • To focus on attaining sustainable learning and professional development through creative alliances and partners with regulators, operators and other relevant agencies and service providers for mutual benefits.
  • To make the Institute financially independent by ensuring that there is a balance in CIBNís funding sources.
  • Development of staff - improve people management practices through competitive compensation structure and staff capacity building.

Welcome to CIBN

The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) is the umbrella professional body for bankers in Nigeria. It was incorporated in 1976 as the Nigerian Institute of Bankers and Chartered in 1990 (now CIBN Act 5 of 2007).

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