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CIBN Library

The library was established to cater for the research and academic interest of its members of the Institute and the larger academic society. Apart from primary objectives, which make it a special library, the library has the secondary objectives of providing efficient modern library services to the public on a wide range of subjects. It is a resource center for information seeking academicians, students, scholars, professionals and resource persons.

Over the years, the Library has been providing the information, research and aesthetic needs of people by acquiring materials to match varying reading interest. Towards this, the library has the goal of affecting the reading culture of Nigerians positively.

The Library is suitably located at No 7 Turton street, Yaba Lagos Nigeria; a relatively serene area of minimal activity which makes it a relatively noise-free zone. The location is central, being in Lagos Mainland.

Apart from being located in a naturally quiet environment, the Library boasts of other facilities such as:
  1. Spacious Environment
  2. Adequate Parking Space for Vehicle Users
  3. Large Reading Area
  4. Fully Air-Conditioned Hall
  5. Regular power supply enhanced by a stand by generator
  6. Reprographic Services
  7. Modern Binding facility
  8. Information Brokerage
The Collection development policy of the library is exhaustive in respect of books and information materials published in Nigeria on Banking, Mortgage Banking, Economics, Economic Development, Finance, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Micro-finance and other related subjects as Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Strategic Management, Estate management, Stock exchange, Statistics, Quantitative Techniques; Leadership; Information Communication Technology, Business Communication, Research Methodology, Subject Dictionaries, Politics and General Knowledge. In terms of the scope of stock, the library has up to 6,000 volumes of monographs and subscribes to about 24 journal titles both local and international. It stocks seminar papers on topical issues on banking, finance and business. Also provide Index articles on Global financial crisis, Micro-Finance, Bank Consolidation and Post bank consolidation. There are also Conference Proceedings, Annual Reports of Banks and Financial Institutions, Thesis and Dissertations, Lectures Papers, etc.

The reference section also includes: Almanacs, Biographies, Atlases, Directories, English Dictionaries etc and general encyclopedia like the Encyclopedia Britanica and Encyclopedia Americana and subject encyclopedia like: Encyclopedia of Business and finance; Encyclopedia of Nigerian Banks & Financial Institutions; Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy; Regional Encyclopedia of Business and Management. Others includes subject Dictionaries such as:
  1. Dictionary of Finance and Banking
  2. Dictionary of Finance & Investment Terms,
  3. Oxford Dictionary of Finance & Banking,
  4. Dictionary of International Banking & Finance
  5. Dictionary of International Accounting and Terms,
  6. Dictionary of Economics
  7. Dictionary of Computer & Information Technology,
  8. Dictionary of Insurance,
  9. Dictionary of Financial Risk Management
  10. African Dictionary of Banking, Finance & Investment
  11. Concise Commercial Dictionary
  12. The Financial Market Glossary
  13. Dictionary of Data Processing
  14. Thompson's Dictionary of Banking,
  15. Dictionary for Lib and Information Science
The Library is being regularly updated and its materials upgraded. Our new acquisition includes:

  • Risk Management in Banking. – 2nd ed.
  • Financial Management & Policy. – 12th ed.
  • Bank Management: Text and Cases (4th edition)
  • Financial Risk Management 2nd Edition
  • Finance for Growth (World bank publication)
  • Analyzing Banking Risk
  • Resolution of Financial Distress
  • Interactive Money & Banking
  • Financial Management & Analysis
  • Money, Banking & Finance
  • Essentials of Investments
  • Recent Developments in International Banking & Finance
  • Global Corporate Finance
  • Finance at the Frontier
  • Elements of Privatization
  • Essential Management;
  • A Handbook of Human Resource Management practice. 12th ed.
  • Business Management,
  • Every Manager’s desk reference
  • Great personal letters for busy people
  • Corporate strategy
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Cases in Strategic Management
  • The New Rules of Corporate Conduct
  • Strategic Management & Organizational Dynamics
  • Compensation & Motivation
  • Staff Training & Assessment
  • Skills & Training Handbook
  • Redzone Management
  • Business Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Governance & accountability
  • Work-out Management Accounting
  • Accounting & Information Technology
  • Computer based Accounting System
  • Elements of Taxation
  • Accounting for Decision Making & Control
  • Public sector Accounting
  • Financial Accounting Made easy
  • Fundamentals of auditing
  • Financial statement fraud
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Launching new ventures: An entrepreneurial approach.- 4th ed.
  • Chicken soup for the entrepreneur’s soul
  • Master your money type
  • The New conceptual selling
  • Write to the top writing for corporate success
  • Winning proposals: How to write them and get results. – 2nd ed.
  • Women make the best salesmen
  • Ultimate leadership (Maximize your potential and empower your team)
  • Change your thinking change your life
  • 20/20 foresight
  • Integrity service
  • Great motivation secrets of great leaders
  • Competing on analytics: The new science of winning
  • Before you quit your job
  • Getting unstuck: How dead ends become new paths
  • The Feiner points of leadership: The 50 basic laws that will make people want to perform better for you.
  • Failing forward: Turning mistakes into stepping stones for success
  • The Economics of money, banking and financial markets. 8th ed.
  • Introduction to positive Economics
  • Understanding Economics Today
  • Critical Perspectives in Nigeria Economy
  • Micro- Economics Principles
  • The Sales Bible: The Ultimate sales resource
  • Marketing Tool - Kit for Nigeria
  • New Product Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • Basic Marketing
  • Principles of Marketing
  • The Accidental investment banker
  • The Smartest investment book you’ll ever read
  • Opportunity investing
  • Wise women invest in real estate
  • Real estate advantages
  • The Real estate investors
  • Investing in common stocks
  • Investing in bonds
There are 4 categories of registration for the different types of users of the library resource materials. The different fees for these four categories are as follows:
  1. Professional Members(FCIB, ACIB,HCIB,MCIB) – N2,500.00
  2. Student Member – N2,500.00
  3. External Users (Non Institute member) – N4,000.00
  4. Daily User – N500.00
The registration fee expires by 31st of December of every year for (Category 1 – 3 Above).

Opening Hours
The library opens from Monday to Friday from 8.00a.m.-5.00p.m., while it opens on Saturday from 9.00a.m. to 5.00p.m. and closes on public holidays.