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Human Resources and MDs Questionnaires


The Centre for Financial Studies, (CFS) of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria is carrying out a research on Promoting Professional Education in Nigeria: The Case of CIBN. Kindly assist us to complete this short questionnaire to enable us execute the study effectively. Your speedy response to this questionnaire will count immensely for us. We are however aware of your busy schedule, hence only a few direct questions are included in order not to take much of your time. Please spare just few minutes to answer the questions. Thanks for your continued support.
1. Name:  
2. Department:  
3. Position in your organization:  
4 Mobile:  
5. Year of service in your organization. (Please tick which is appropriate)   0 - 2 Years  3 - 5 Years
5 - 10 Years  Above 10 Years
6. Do you hold any professional qualifications?   Yes  No
7. Kindly state the qualification(s):  
8. ACIB qualification is designed to be the flagship qualification in the banking industry. How do you assess the performance of ACIB holders in your bank?   Excellent
Above average
Below Average
Other comments (please specify) 
9. Which area of banking business do you think ACIB holders have the strongest point?   International Banking Operations
Bank lending and Credit Administration
Branch operations
Risk management
Other comments (please specify) 
None of the above
10. What areas of ACIB qualifying training do you think requires brushing up?   Bank lending and credit administration
Branch operations
International Banking Operations
Risk management
Other comments (please specify) 
None of the above
11. Given the following professional qualifications, how would you rank them in your perceived order of preference in the banking industry? Please rank them 1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th )    ACS (stockbrokers)
 ACII (Insurance)
 ACIB (Bankers)
 ACA/ACCA (Accountants)
 CFA (Certified Financial Analysts)
 Others (please specify) 
12. Does your bank encourage staff to take professional examinations?   Yes  No
13. Which of the professional examinations do most of them prefer (tick only one)   ACII
Others (please specify) 
14. From your assessment, what do you think is staff general attitude to ACIB examinations   Positive attitude
Attitude of avoidance
Attitude of dislike
Others (please specify) 
15. If your assessment is anything other than positive attitude, what do you think is the cause of the negative attitude?   Candidates find the examinations difficult to pass
The qualification is not popular
It has limited areas of application
Banks do not provide incentives for candidates who pass the exam
Any other (please specify) 
16. Please suggest areas to make the qualification popular in the banking industry.  
17. Did your bank make input to the recent syllabus review carried out by the Institute?   Yes  No
18. What is your assessment of the new syllabus?   Excellent
Very good
Please feel free to discuss any concern your may have about the Institute as that may be of immense assistance to us